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We like to create new experiences and transform them into ideas.
Ideas that flourish from curiosity.

Our story

We all share a similar background and a love for great digital products and all kinds of other beautiful things. Co-founder and currently Art Director at Change, Niclas Ernst, started designing when he was a teenager, teaching himself everything there was to learn about design. What he found was lacking was real life experience, collaborating with others and creating things that matter.

In 2015 we founded a network agency that aimed to connect people with similar background, which worked out well and was a fun time, but things can always be improved. Many of us have gained new experiences throughout their time together, some of us have started new jobs and tackled bigger challenges. Which is why we needed change. New challenges, new opportunities. With said experiences gained from working with different agencies and even big companies like Comcast, our team was ready for a reboot.

How we help brands
UX Research & Analysis
Testing & Prototyping
Content Strategy
Creative Copywriting
Interactive Design & Digital
Visual Effects
Cross-media Development
Branding & Print
Social Media Strategy
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We want to work with forward thinking brands. Close relationships are at the very heart of what we believe in. As a digital, full-service agency, we are commited to the ideas that we try to share with the world. We constantly work on our processes, not because they lack results but because everything can be improved.

We believe that young talent shapes the future. Here at Change, not just shaping the future, but helping young creatives do so is at the foundation of our beliefs. We aim to be the foot in the door for young creatives so they get the possibility to grow.

Our team of young creatives has expertise across a wide array of cutting-edge web technologies, platforms, and tools. Whether it’s stunning web development, responsive user interface design or photo-real visual effects, our products are built to last.

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Our Vision

With this background, all of our designers, developers and other snowflakes are inclined to build a global and digital space that can help clients through creative problem solving and innovative thinking. While on one hand, we’re working hard to build world class products for our clients that are assured a variety of diverse approaches given our globally connected network of talented creatives. We are also thinking of personal growth and improvement of oneself.

By only working with new blood and the next generation of the creative industry, we enable our team to stay agile, courageous and hungry for more. With a creative team that is not afraid to fail, we can make ideas happen and transform them into products that people will love.

All kinds of expertise allow us to act as a full-service digital agency, taking an idea from strategy to development. When there is something we can’t do, don’t worry. We either know the right people or we will find them for you.

Ryan Duffy Senior Designer
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Designers, developers and creatives alike are now-a-days no longer restricted in their careers by a degree or an accreditation. You can learn so much from the internet and if used correctly can be a very powerful tool for young creatives to thrive and grow. It’s an effective networking tool to meet clients, potential employers and friends.

At Change, this is the foundation on which we have built the company and our careers. With most of our team being under the age of twenty years old, the talent and skills we bring to the table cannot be outmatched by people twice our age. But don’t let age fool you – We are agile, always observing trends and change within the world around us to help us build and deliver a product that will transcended expectations.

Born in 1995
Degree 2-Yr Graphic Design
Work Comcast - UX Designer
Location Philadelphia, PA (US)

We want not just what is best for us, but we also want what is best for your company. This is why we only hire the best of the best when it comes to creatives. We constantly aim to improve not just ourselves, but your company as well.

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We transform ideas into products and see opportunities where others see only challenges.

Also we’re always on the hunt for like-minded people.

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